Realteam Hydrogen Redline claims victory at first round of Le Mans Virtual Series

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The first round of the Le Mans Virtual Series, an action-packed and incident-filled 4 Hours of Monza race, has officially concluded with Realteam Hydrogen Redline and drivers Dani Juncadella, Jeffrey Rietveld and Michal Smidl taking first place overall. In second and third places were team GPX Rebellion Esports and team Floyd Bykolles-Burst. Mitchell Dejong, Mack Bakkum and Martin Kronke from Porsche Esports Team took the LMGTE honours in a class that sees no fewer than five different manufacturers represented. They finished 7 seconds ahead of BMW Redline in second, and the No.88 Proton Competition Porsche. A hotly contested race between over 100 of the best sim racing and motorsport drivers in 38 entries, the event featured:

  • A close battle between Realteam Hydrogen Redline and GPX Rebellion Esports
  • Porsche Esports Team taking home the LMGTE trophy
  • Jeffrey Rietveld for Realteam Hydrogen Redline securing the fastest lap at 1.34.160

After the race, Dani Juncadella from Realteam Hydrogen Redline said “I think we had a really really smooth race. We had no incidents at all. Everything went pretty smoothly and that was the key,”

Le Mans Virtual Series, 4 Hours of Monza – Post Race Report

  • 4 Hours of Monza, the first of five rounds of the Le Mans Virtual Series, kicked off Saturday 25th September with 114 drivers across the LMP2 and GTE classes taking to the start line. Star drivers such as Louis Deletraz (last year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual winner), Sergio Sette Camara (Formula E), and sim standouts Michi Hoyer and Joshua Rogers, lined up for one of the most hotly contested sim racing events of the year.
  • The race played host to sunny weather with some clouds turning into a fully clear sky by the end of the race with 50% humidity and no rain in sight.
  • Strategy played a key part in the 4-hour race as teams had to deal with tyre degradation, a change in track temperature, and a decision on how long each driver competed for within the race.
  • Realteam Hydrogen Redline was the first to cross the finish line in the LMP class with GPX Rebellion Esports seven seconds behind and Floyd ByKolles-Burst following very closely just nine seconds behind.
  • The fastest lap in the LMP class was Jeffery Rietveld for Realteam Hydrogen Redline who secured a 1.34.160 time on the 44th lap. Over in GTE, Joshua Rogers for Porsche Esports Team was the fastest with a 1:45.329 lap time which he drove on his second lap of the race.
  • Dani Juncadella from Realteam Hydrogen Redline said “I think we had a really really smooth race. We had no incidents at all. Everything went pretty smoothly and that was the key. I think Jeffrey did an amazing starting stint then my teammate Michal took over the tires from Jeffery which is never easy when you are sitting directly in the car with someone else’s tires. Then towards the end, I just had to drive it home. It was a lovely race.”
  • Mack Bakkum from Porsche Esports Team commented “Mitchell and Martin did such a great job before I even got in the car that in the end, it was just about bringing it home. We did get a little surprise from Redline in the end when they skipped tires [at the last pit stop] but we knew even if they came out slightly ahead it would have been the worst-case scenario. These last two stints were very comfortable, which is nice and I didn’t have to worry about too much. Thanks, Mitchell and Martin for their hard work in the harder stints.”

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