Le Mans Virtual Series | A Reminder on Rules and Regs

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As the first round of the Le Mans Virtual Series approaches this weekend, the 4 Hours of Monza on Saturday, 25th September, it’s worth a quick reminder about the basic rules and regulations.  The series brings together top level real life drivers and some of the world’s best sim racers to compete together on prestige tracks in endurance races from between 4 hours and 24 hours in duration.

A link to the Sporting Regulations can be found HERE, with some of the key points being:

  • A 38-strong entry list will be divided between two classes, LMP2 and LMGTE. Cars available are a Le Mans Prototype (LMP2 ORECA 07) or a Le Mans GTE (E=endurance) of which Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, BMW and Corvette models are available.
  • The event will be run on the rFactor2 platform which features driver changes, dynamic weather, dynamic day/night transitions, multi-class racing.
  • Damage will affect a car but can be repaired in a pitstop. The car will be driveable but may not perform as well as at the start .
  • Full simulation includes the use of fuel and tyres.
  • Teams will work to create their own setups to optimise performance.
  • Each team must field a minimum of 3 of their nominated drivers, of which at least 1 must be a PRO (FIA International Licence holder). Drivers may not compete in more than one car.
  • Before each round there will be test days and a test race, official free practice sessions and
  • Drivers must complete a minimum of 10 laps (including a minimum of five (5) full timed laps) during an official Test Session or Test Race prior to each race.
  • It is mandatory for each individual entry to take part in the 1 hour test race with at least one of the nominated drivers, either sim or pro.
  • FIA Race Director Eduardo Freitas and Motorsport Games Race Director Ben Rossiter-Turner will be in Race Control to oversee racing conduct, procedures and rules. Penalties may be applied as in real life racing.

Follow all the action this weekend on www.lemansvirtual.com, on FIA WEC, ACO and Traxion.gg’s social media channels including YouTube and Facebook.  More details on this will be released on Friday.

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